Solutions for industrial by-products

Environmental Building Materials (EBM), is an international group specialized in by-product management, focusing on the metallurgical and power generating industries.


  • EBM Group

    EBM has funded a full laboratory and all staff expenses in order for me to carry all the R&D activities for fly ash and slag products in the area of North Greece and the Balkans

    EBM Group
    Dr. Arjan Korpa
    Head of R&D
    EBM Group
  • Austromobil Albania

    Through out our cooperation, EBM has consistently performed its duties in terms of logistics, supply and quality control with the utmost professionalism and always demonstrating excellent know-how and expertise in the field of fly ash.

    Austromobil Albania
    Marinela Nomani
    Office Manager
    Austromobil Albania
  • JSW Energy Ltd

    JSW Energy Ltd has recently commissioned 4X300 MW thermal Power plant at Jaigad.
    EBM is focused and specialized in fly ash as a business. It has performed adequately and has met our expectations in all of their responsibilities here at JSWEL.

    JSW Energy Ltd
    Vinayak Bhat
    Vice President
    JSW Energy Ltd
  • Metinvest Group

    EBM has been a client of Metinvest Group purchasing our slag by-products since 2005. EBM has shipped and marketed our product internationally and to our satisfaction quickly rising to become the leading company in Ukraine.

    Metinvest Group
    Yanyna Nagayevskaya
    Head of by-products sales
    Metinvest group